Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mannequin 53 - Hanbok Inspired

Length: 88cm
Bust: 96cm

Price: RM38
Material: Satin
Size: Free Size
Colours: Pink-black, White-Blue

*inclusive of white inner singlet*

Mannequin 52 - Blazer for show

Front view

Back view

Side view

Shoulder: 39cm
Sleeves: 58cm
Length: 54cm
Bust: 90cm

Price: RM45
Size: Free Size
Material: Cotton + Satin

Mannequin 51 - Leopard prints

*not inclusive of inner black tube*
Length: 77cm
Waist: 58-92cm

Price: RM35
Material: Chiffon

Size: Free Size

Mannequin 50 - Vintage Love *SOLD*

Shoulder: 38cm
Sleeves: 20cm
Length: 80cm
Bust: 84-92cm

Price: RM35 *SOLD*
Free Size
Material: Chiffon

*inclusive of inner white tube*

Thursday, July 9, 2009

SHISEIDO Naturgo Masks

Price: RM3.50 per piece

Black Sea Mud Mineral Mask
(2 in 1 effects from Black and White Masks)

Originate from deep sea mud, include rich minerals & natural essence. Able to clean pores thoroughly, balancing oil secretion, suppress and lighten pigmentation, achieving whitening effects. Long term usage promotes skin revitalization.

It has the benefits of deep pore cleansing, removing dirt and impurities, minimizing breakouts, whitening and lightening pigmentation.

The mask contains a compound LAG Revitalizer which has whitening, revitalizing and anti-aging effects.The LAG Revitalizer can penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, allowing the skin to maintain moisture and nutrients. It fights against dark spots, sun spots, black heads & whiteheads, and pimples, reducing pore size, reducing wrinkles, enhancing skin collagen regeneration, renewing elasticity, resulting in soft and smooth skin.

1. Suitable for sensitive skin.
2. Minimizes Pores
3. Removes dead skin and leaves skin extremely smooth and fresh!
4. Controls oil and sebum secretion. Suitable for oily - combination skin!

1. Exfoliate your skin.(Optional, but it would be recommended for the best results)
2. Cleansing (best with warm water) as usual.
3. Steam your face (optional)
4. Dry your face.
5. Gently massage mask evenly over dry face (avoid your hairlines, areas around eyes, lips, and eyebrows)
6. Leave on for 30 minutes/or until completely dried before peeling off gently. (Peel in the direction from yr chin to your forehead.)
7. Apply toner.

Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

Price: RM4 per piece

4 in 1 Efficacy - Brightens Eye Contour, Reduces Dark Circles, Fine Lines & Eye bags

Collagen, a vital natural protein present in our skin. Its presence, confers skin's strength and elasticity. As one ages, the amount of collagen fibers decreases due to everyday exposure to UV rays and oxidants, resulting in wrinkles formation and saggy skin. Therefore, Collagen holds the key to "youthfulness and beauty". Collagen Injections in Plastic Surgery is also common to reduce creases, lines and wrinkles and to plump up facial features including the cheeks and lips. However, these could be prevented by constantly replenish the amount of collagen by performing regular facial treatment when you're young.

Crystal Collagen Eye Mask Efficacy:
1) Eliminates dark circles and fine lines - 100% Collagen and other minerals present within the eye mask, speed-up cell & collagen rejuvenation. This increase the elasticity in the eye contour while reducing eye bags and problems such as dark rings & fine lines.
2) For firm and sparkling eye contour
3) Relieve Fatigue eyes
4) Moisturizes eye contour

USE 2-3 times a week
Visible results in just ONE treatment!! A painless way to delay skin aging

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your Shopping Kaki

Check out Your Shopping Kaki for an awesome review of Mannequin Beauty!
*elated* teehee.
We love u shopping kaki :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

S&H Facial Masks

Price: RM6.00 per Piece / RM33.00 per box ( 6 pieces)


Each mask contains 25ML concentrated natural milk essence, vitamin E, allantoin and sterilizing factor, the product can reconstruct the skin and enable the skin to appear soft and silky after application within 20 minutes.

Completely remove deposited toxin, accelerate the peeling of acne, tender the rough skin quality.

Restrain the production of bacteria, improve the anti-aging ability of the skin, protect the skin from damages from external environment.

Activate the rejuvenation of healthy cells, diminish inflammation and remove acne, enable the skin to appear refreshing, healthy and bright.

Each mask contains 25ML concentrated natural milk essence, vitamin C, amino acid and arbutin, the product can powerfully whiten the skin within 20 minutes, and the skin appears attractive after application.

Contains arbutin essence which boasts of excellent whitening effect, the product can make the skin to appear transparent, bright and white.

Vitamin C whitening factor can focus on decomposing brown spots and melanin, constantly improve the sallow tone and enable the skin to appear bright, attractive and white.

Each mask contains 25ML concentrated natural milk essence, vitamin A, HA and powerful moisturizing factor, the skin can instantly enjoy the nourishment from natural milk within 20 minutes, and appears soft and silky after application.

Instantly moisturize the skin as a result of season conversion and dry environment, assist to firm wrinkles and shrink pores, delay aging.

Reconstruct the water sebum membrane of the skin, brighten and balance the skin, enable the skin to appear soft and tender.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Price: RM3.50 per piece

1. Whitening, revitalizing and anti-aging effects
2. Reducing wrinkle, renew elasticity and fight against aging and dulling
3. Maintaining moisture and nutrients
4. Reducing dark spots, sun spots, black heads, and pimple
Manufactured by Shiseido Japan
Suitable for all skin type
Each pack can be used up to 4 times & above
Please do not use them more than 2 times/week


1) Clean you face
2) Apply on face and leave on for about 30 minutes until it is completely dry before peeling off gently.
3) Apply toner to to maximize the pore-tightening effect and apply your daily moisturizer/skin care product.

SHISEIDO Black Head Mask

Price: RM3.50 per piece
*steal* spotted at other blogshops selling for RM6 per piece

1. Remove blackheads and whiteheads
2. It helps to minimize pore and reduce acne problem.
3. Immediate result shown.
Manufactured by Shiseido Japan
Suitable for all skin type
Each pack can be used up to 4 times & above
Please do not use them more than 2 times/week

1. Clean you face.
2. Apply on face and leave on for about 30 minutes until it is completely dry before peeling off gently.
3. Apply toner to to maximize the pore-tightening effect and apply your daily moisturizer/skin care product.

My Beauty Diary Mask

PRICE: RM4.50 per piece
*steal* selling at RM16.90(2 pieces) at Guardian

Function: Moisturizing and suppleness
Best for dry skin

Function: Intensive hydrating and repairing
Best for dry and problem skin

Function: Minimizing pore and firming
For normal skin

Function: Anti-oxidant and Blood Circulation
Best for or dull skin and loosen skin

Function: Reduce skin oiliness
For normal to oily skin

Function: Firming and energizing
For wrinkles and aging skin

Function: Whitening and moisturizing
Best for uneven skin tone and problem skin

Function: Moisturizing and cooling skin
For normal skin


Function: Brightening and whitening
Best for dull and tired looking skin

Function: Smoothing and moisturize skin
Best for delicate and sensitive skin

Function: Whitening and firming
Best for dull and aging skin

Function: Repairing and firming
Best for anti-aging

Function: Whitening and brightening
For normal skin

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mannequin 40 - Zipper love

Zipper details
Sexy back

Shoulder: 39cm
Sleeves: 60cm
Length: 70cm
Bust: 80-96cm

Price: RM38
Material: Knitting cotton
Size: Free Size
Colour: Green

Mannequin 39 - Miss May *SOLD*

colours: White, Almond

Shoulder: 37cm
Sleeves: 48cm
Length: 67cm
Bust: 88cm

Price: RM35
Material: Cotton
Size: Free Size
-White (*sold)
-Almond (*sold)

Mannequin 38 - Deep V Beauty *SOLD*

Length: 70cm
Hip: 80cm

Another jumpsuit beauty! This piece comes with beaded details. Easily paired with a formal blouse, t-shirt or tube top and you're ready to go.

Price: RM32 (*Sold)
Material: Cotton + Tinsel
Size: Free Size
Colour: Black

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey huns!

Have u noticed our new template?
Yes yes, we changed our template again because we weren't happy with the last one because it tilted to one side.
And this is so much better. All white and clean.
What do u think?

Anyways, we have updated with another design of boyfriend's tee and another waist clincher.
Hope u will like them :)

Updates seem rare already in this blog ey?
Sorry about that coz things have been hectic these days.

However, we are planning on updating some beauty products soon.
Beauty products such as masks, hair products etc.
A new diversification ey?
Well, that's if we could get a good deal from it.
What do u think about it huns?

Do let us know what u think and if u have any suggestions for us.
We are here to serve u better :)

Alrightey, signing off now.

Mannequin 37 - Autumn Leaf

with flash
From top: Black, Brown, White Purple

without flash

leaf buckle

Another waist clincher? OMG! WE LOVE! This buckle is in the shape of something that we think looks like a leaf. What do you think?

Price: RM22
Size: Free Size
-Brown (*sold)
-White (*sold)

Mannequin 36 - BFF!

Stripes Floral

Another boyfriend's tee? We just love them! Comes in stripes and in floral. Wear it plain casual with a pair of jeans. Or wear a mini shorts inside to show off that long legs! If loose is not a thing for u, pair it up with a pair of waist clincher or just tie a belt around it to look sleek!

Length 73cm
Width 55cm

Price: RM39
Size: Free Size
Colours: Stripes and Floral

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mannequin 35 - Checks

White checks and green checks

Pair it up with a waist clicher if it looks too plain for you.

Checkered clothes inspired by Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl has become more and more in style! This can be worn as a top and also as a mini dress! Pair it up with a waist clincher and just wear it plain for a more laid-back look.

Price: RM42
Size: Free size
Colours: White checks and Green checks

Mannequin 34 - Miss Ivory *SOLD*

Sleeves folded up

With sleeves down

Boyfriend's tee is so the trend right now right huns? This is a very simple yet pretty piece we found. Pair it with a waist clincher like in the pictures to outshine to clothes more. Grab yours today!

Price: RM39
Size: Fits UK5-10
-Black (*Sold)
*waist clincher not included*